Project Description


The MULTICOVER construction system  through a wide range of structural grids and the versatility of coverage provides great flexibility for use in industrial, commercial and the service sector buildings.

The MULTICOVER corrugated construction system resolves the challenges arising from the different functional and architectural requirements of industrialized buildings. The compositional freedom and flexibility allow you to achieve different layout solutions with the lighting of interiors – with natural lighting and adjustable with overhead louvers (skylights) or with directed lighting (sawtooth roof).

The shape of the lower surface of the roof creates a soft and appealing architectural line and makes for a sound-absorbing system. The cover system is achieved by coupling beams in the shape of “V” and cement or sandwich cups with variable radius of curvature.
A careful analysis of the dimensional geometries allows to minimize the torsional stress to the benefit of stability and allows the realization of large structural meshes.

All this helps to achieve complete safety against the infiltration of water through the frames.
The MULTICOVER system uses beams with a height between 45 and 100 cm and covers spans up to 25 meters.