Project Description


CEMECO Srl is able to meet the specific needs of the customers, while at the same time preserving the efficiency of mass production. Thanks to the expertise and professionalism acquired over decades of operation, combined with technological solutions and innovative materials, we can give each project a personal touch, adapting the appearance and character of the project, to the needs and tastes of the client.

Thanks to the wide range of traditional products and innovations, CEMECO Srl has the capability to create tailored and outstanding customized structures.
The highly customized solutions are well-suited for development of commercial and industrial areas, as well as any other type of public or private project.
The company provides a 360 degree assistance with services ranging from design and engineering, engineering drawings, production and logistics to the assembly and installation with a fine attention to detail.

With its efficient resource management, CEMECO Srl is an ideal partner in the construction of turn-key building projects.