Project Description


The construction of large spans, typical of prefabrication allows for suitable space for sports facilities complete with bleachers, seating and various local accessories.
CEMECO S.r.l. builds prefabricated sports facilities, also as per the client’s requirements. The building systems are innovative and fully meet the criteria of quality, economy and aesthetics required in these areas.

Widely used in the construction of gyms and sports centers, prefabricated structures in reinforced concrete have the advantage of being able to be mounted quickly and cost-effectively, while ensuring excellent performance and durability over the years. The use of steel is a natural complement to the realization of roofs, safety stairs, walkways, etc.

We produce seating stands in precast vibrated reinforced concrete, consisting of pillars, steps, coverage door beams. The stands may also be arranged so as to accommodate, under the steps, the changing rooms and other services.