Project Description


The emergency building modules are available with a variety of equipment to meet the needs created by disaster situations. Our flexibility in production allows us to provide quick technical and economic solutions to overcome the emergency phase. Transportable modules are available fitted with electrical systems, water, sanitation and climate-control and the possibility of various options for the interior.

The single-storey emergency units are made in various standard sizes, transportable pre-assembled or disassembled in flat-pack. Customized tailored solutions are also available on request.
Versatility, modularity, flexibility, adaptability, portability: are the specifications required of an emergency housing solution.

Supported by our decades of experience in the context of civil protection, CEMECO Srl manufactures prefabricated emergency housing that addresses both social (schools, doctors clinics, etc.) and was one of the main protagonists in providing assistance for the emergencies in the Marche – Umbria (1997), Greece (1999), Emilia Romagna (2012).
We can provide emergency units with specific characteristics of usage and portability such as the emergency module transportable by helicopter.