Project Description



Our long experience in the field of building prefabricated cabins for decompression of gas and methane, has allowed us to reach a high level of standardization of the building system. The freestanding transportable cabins meet the requirements of quick installation on any type of substrate.

The prefabricated cabin is constructed as per the regulations for reinforced concrete works and according to the technical rules and laws of reference in the sector. The rainwater runoff is guaranteed by the metal gutters and downspouts. The inside of the cabin can be accessed through doors made ​​of sheet steel or insulated fiberglass, complete with fire-resistant hinges with spring-type automatic closure.

The prefabricated electrical substations in reinforced vibrated concrete are designed according to the needs of the client, both for the local energy distributors and for private users for the processing and distribution of electricity in MT / MT and MT / BT, including photovoltaic and wind power.