Project Description


Due to the high adaptability provided by prefabrication, the smooth concrete panels  allow for easy placement of openings on the facades, for glass windows, doors and gates and high adhesion to the steel structures for durability over time.

They are made with blends of high strength concrete, using the pre-stressing technique. This involves artificially producing a tension in the structure in order to improve the characteristics of resistance and to compensate for the poor tensile strength of the cement conglomerates.

Thanks to their resistance and compactness, the concrete panels can also be used as slabs to cover large sections, as elements for ceiling slabs or as load-bearing walls.

The thickness of the panel varies from 6 cm to 26 cm and the height, in the case of horizontal facades, can be up to 330 cm.

The outer surface of the concrete panel is smooth and ready to be painted over.

This ensures a high personalization of the product, allowing integration in various architectural contexts or the ability to differentiate itself and stand out from the ambience of the location.