Project Description


The flat structure system is ideal for making commercial and multi-storey buildings. It is characterized by large mesh structures with a flat lower surface with limited overall dimensions of the supporting beams. The horizontal elements can consist of ribbed slabs (PIGRECO) or flat surface slabs (PLANE or HONEYCOMB) with which it is possible to make ceiling or inter-floor slabs.

The PIGRECO flat structure is characterized by a high load-bearing capacity in comparison to the low specific weight of the structure. It can be complemented with a concrete casting in order to obtain a rigid horizontal diaphragm. The height of the section varies from 31 cm up to 80 cm and covers spans up to 25 meters.

The PLANE is a structure with a flat lower surface, with a smooth finish from the formwork, with polystyrene foam sheets making it light-weight and which is completed on-site with a layer of reinforced concrete. The finished thickness of the product varies from a minimum of 20 cm up to 70 cm and covers spans up to 20 meters.

The ALVEOLARE/HONEYCOMB slab is characterized by its combination of high strength but low weight. The duration of the laying of the slabs are also considerably reduced. The height of the section varies from 12 cm up to 45 cm and covers spans up to 15 meters.