Project Description


The production of the panels follows strict procedures to ensure that the finished product meets the guaranteed thermal protection and insulation.

Both the types of facade – vertical and horizontal, are produced in vibro-compressed reinforced concrete, with the reduced weight of the product and the thermal insulation attributed to the use of polystyrene panels. The surface finish is obtained by the process of washing and brushing of mixtures of marble chips in different colors and sizes.

The different color solutions and customization of the blends allow us to complete the structure with personalized finishes with a low environmental impact.

The thickness of the concrete panel varies from 6 cm to 26 cm and the height, in the case of horizontal facades can be up to 307 cm. The regulatory requirements of heat transfer are fulfilled with the use of the appropriate insulation inside facade panel. The corners can be made ​​with continuity of shape or characterized by elegant rounded corners.

The grit in prominence on the outer face of the panel produces a slightly rough look enhancing the natural color of the stones used.