Project Description


This typology involves a mix of elements, mostly metallic, connected so as to constitute a network system. This structure allows to cover long spans with minimum structural weight.

Design. The technical staff using the latest methods of calculation has the flexibility to adapt to any size and design feature, in particular with regard to the identification of the best technical and aesthetic solutions for the realization of each steel structure: roofing and other complementary metal structural works for warehouses, automated warehouses, department stores and logistics centers.

Delivery. Special attention is paid to the control of the intrinsic quality of the steel used and regular verification takes place at each stage of processing of the materials. CEMECO Srl continuously monitors new developments, tests different materials and verifies its applicability, functionality and durability.

Installation. During all phases of theprojects, the companyhashighly qualified staffmonitoring that the work isin compliance withsafety regulations.The on-siteassembly alsoallows the transport ofelementsofsmall dimensions.