Project Description


The light panel walls are made using sandwich panels, consisting of two layers of durable material tightly adhered to a connecting element. The composite structure has a significantly better static behavior than the individual parts from which it is made and allows you to create facades that despite the relatively low weight, have high thermal and acoustic performance. They can be used to achieve a restyling of deteriorated walls within a reasonable budget and schedule.

The Alucobond is characterized by its perfect flatness, the wide range of colors and excellent plasticity. It is  highly resistant to weather, shock, vibrations and breakage and can be mounted with ease even for complex architectural compositions.

The GRC (glass reinforced concrete) consists of a mixture of cement, sand and glass fiber. This helps create custom-designed cladding and decorative facades; the different textures create distinctive and charming architectural motifs; ideal for marine environments, environments with cycles of freezing and thawing and environments exposed to attack by acids and alkalis.The facades can have integrated natural stone or porcelain ceramic.
Glazed facades give a distinct character to the building interiors with a feeling of brightness, transparency and lightness.